My Coaching Philosophy and Style

Every person has the ability to obtain their dreams.

I use intuitive listening techniques to understand you and your needs.

By working with you to create new patterns and habits, my methods will continue assisting you when coaching is completed.

I base my practice in holistic ideals. Each person has different sides: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. By working with the goals and wants of each of these sides, we can create a place where happiness, peace of mind and success are all part of a sustainable life that you live every day.

Ideally, you, as my client:

Whether you seek success, peace or happiness, my job is to assist you in defining your goals, creating the framework for obtaining those goals, and working with you to make them a reality.

With focus, where you are now will be transformed into where you want to be in manageable and concrete steps.

On this journey, my goal is to be your partner, assist you in accountability, and empower you to reach your goal -- whatever it may be.

"Many people may listen, but few people actually hear." -- Harvey MacKay

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