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Every person has the ability to obtain their dreams.

My work is based in the belief that every person is whole, complete and does not need fixing. Each person has different sides: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. By working with the goals and wants of each of these sides, we can create a place where happiness, peace of mind and success are all part of a sustainable life style.

Working together in partnership in an easy and relaxed way, where you are now will be transformed into where you want to be in manageable and concrete steps.

By working with you to create new patterns and habits, the work we do together will continue assisting you even after we have compete our coaching relationship.

"Many people may listen, but few people actually hear." -- Harvey MacKay

I am committed as a person to be part of a community of people that respect and love each other and their lives. That commitment led me to taking on coaching as my career.

"Working with Tracy has been a wonderful experience. Always encouraging and supportive, she provides a safe, comfortable environment for change and growth. Her insight and intuition have allowed me to see new possibilities. Her unwavering belief in me and her emphasis on self-care have allowed me to go from a place of self-doubt and insecurity to greater confidence and a commitment to take good care of myself. I highly recommend Tracy's services to anyone looking for more in themself or their life." -- One of Tracy's clients

As a coach, I am committed to you, my client. My job is to create partnership with you to assist you in discovering what you want, and working with you in measurable steps to get there.

After working in the non-profit sector, as a public speaker, in computer gaming and the business software industries, I grew to realize my greater benefit to my community and to the world was to assist people with their individual transformation.

My personal stand is for the creation of open and honest communication in the world. I am joyous that I can be in my stand through my work. I love assisting people on a path that can create similar joy in their lives.

I am a Certified CoachU graduate and hold and maintain a Professional Coaching Credential (PCC) from the International Coach Federation. I use a combination of the techniques from CoachU, my talent for intuitive listening and experience from my own life to create the best coaching experience for each client. Each one of my clients is a unique, whole individual and I treat each of you in a way that matches who you are.

I have been working for five years in private practice. My clients range come from a variety of backgrounds including executives, managers, professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, those in the healing arts and new coaches.

My coaching style is an eclectic blend of short-term goal planning, and long-term life and business strategy utilizing a variety of coaching skills to assist my clients in several areas including life transformation, business and personal organization, business planning and strategy, career and life transition and “Thrival” – moving from day-to-day survival to having a sustainable sense of persistent joy in life, work and business.

Together we will co-create a plan that reflects your inimitable journey in life. My coaching is organic in nature designed to meet the client where they are without agenda.

I am fully committed to coaching as a recognized profession and am active with the International Coach Federation both locally and internationally to bring about that growth. Currently I am President of my local ICF Chapter, East Bay Coaches and on the ICF Ethics & Standards committee. In 2005, I chaired the ICF's 10th Annual Conference held in San Jose, California.

"I'm continually amazed with Tracy's quick mind and intuitive ability. In a short time she has helped me to remove subtle, self-imposed limitations in how I've viewed myself and my place in the world. She creates plans of action which allow me to realize my true potential." -- A satisfied TLS Coaching client.
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